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Station #1 Headquarters Station #1 Headquarters

Year Built: 1964
Address: 2320 Brooklyn Drive, Hibbing MN 55746
Phone: 218-262-6161

Hibbing’s Station 1 consists of four, single depth, fire apparatus bays in the fire portion of the station, one of which is a drive-through configuration. There are also four additional ambulance bays, two of which are double depth and one is a drive-through bay.

Living space for seven, 24-hour response personnel is on the second floor with individual sleeping rooms An additional sleeping space is available in a main floor watch room. A kitchen and day-room are on the second floor along with a smaller kitchen downstairs. There are six offices in the building and a report writing room.

The station houses two engines, a ladder truck and a rescue vehicle along with five ambulances.

Station #2 (Townline)Station #2 (Townline)

Year Built: 1977
Address: 11896 Townline Rd., Hibbing MN 55746

The Townline Station, known also as Station 2 is a steel frame building that houses an engine and one water tender. Since this is not a full time staffed stations, accommodations in this station are limited to a small kitchen area, a classroom that can seat up to 20, and one office. There are no residential quarters in this station.

Station #3 (Kelley Lake) Station #3 (Kelley Lake)

Year Built: 1977
Address: 303 3rd Ave N, Hibbing MN 55746

Hibbing Fire Department’s Station 3 is a single bay station housing one fire engine in a single, back-in apparatus bay. There are no accommodations in this building as it simply houses the equipment

Rage regionalStation #4 (Airport)

Address: 11038 Highway 37, Hibbing MN 55746

Our station #4 is a cooperative agreement with the Range Regional Airport Authority. We house a structural fire engine (Engine #4) in a single bay station. It is a single, back-in apparatus bay and there are no accommodations in this building as it simply houses the equipment. The Airport Authority also owns and operates an ARFF vehicle. An ARFF is an Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting apparatus. The Airport Authority and Hibbing Fire department conduct annual airport firefighting training.


fire history 1The Hibbing Fire Department was first organized in the summer of 1894, the year of Hibbing’s first large fire at the Coppinger Hotel. The original fire department was not much more than an organized bucket brigade. The fire department received hose carts for equipment in 1896, replacing the bucket brigade. The history of the department is dotted by many large fires and in 1907 the Miles Hotel and Theater in downtown Hibbing burned down. The Haley Theater burned in 1911 and the city was almost lost to fire in 1914 with the Barrett barn fire which was fueled by high winds, building design and placement. On December 1933 the memorial building and sports center, one of the largest buildings on the iron range (see photo below), was destroyed by fire. Equipment has grown from bucket brigades in 1894 to chemical trucks and service wagons drawn by horses in 1909. Then in 1919 they were replaced by motorized equipment and continued to change into the modern equipment you see today. fire history 2

The department has grown in size of coverage from 5 square miles in the early 1900’s with the annexation of the town of stunts and outlying areas to the 186 square miles that are covered today. The staff for the department has fluctuated from a small band of 20 volunteers to a large full time department with over 100 employees in the 1940's -1950’s, to the current staff of 27 full time and 19 paid on call employees.